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Q: I already have social media accounts. Why do I need you?


A: You may or may not need to work with a social media management company. If you're doing a great job already, awesome! Keep up the good work! The reality is, however, that most smaller organizations are not meeting their full marketing potential. There are so many amazing possibilities to use social media to get the word out about your business or organization. With that said, those who do want to improve quickly realize it is very expensive to allocate a staff member to the task. With us, you can increase your audience and build trust and loyalty at a fraction of the cost!



Q: Who do you work with?


A: We are eager to work with small business owners, nonprofits, and professional service providers.



Q: Can you provide a demo of your software?


A: Yes, we have a 10-minute video giving you an overview of all the social media publishing tools in our software platform.



Q: How long does it take to get started?


A: You can get started right away with a Free 30-day trial. Choose a plan that best fits your needs & sign up using the special Coupon Code.  The Setup Fee is also waived!



Q: What does it cost?


A: Check out our various plans & prices.  While plans & prices are offered on a monthly basis, we do offer incentives for clients who pay yearly. 



Q: How do you differ from other social media management companies.


A: We offer the same technology as a national retailer, but at a fraction of the cost. We have additional services that our competitors don't have.  And we provide similar services, where with us, you don't need to upgrade your current plan! 


Hidden Social Media Costs Revealed! 



Q: Can I cancel anytime?


A: Yes.  Just login to your dashboard, select My Account, Information and click Cancel.


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