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Getting Started - First Steps to Your Success!

Welcome to Social Net Advantage!  Here are some initial action steps you can take to bring you on board successfully using our software.  Please feel free to contact us in the chat box if you need further assistance!

NOTE: Inside your Back Office are short tutorial videos at the top of the screen for each feature.






General Overview

Features of Your Business Portal - (10 min.)


Phase #1

Tutorial - Social Connections & Finding Content - (11 Min.)


Login to your account succesfully.  Keep your usernamepassword in a safe place!

Connect our software to one or more of your social media accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter)

Understand how to use the "Search for Content" box

Find and post an article to your social media account(s)



Phase #2

Tutorial - Content Banner Templates  - (19 min.)


Create a Content Banner ad ... or have us create your first one for you

Post an article using one of your Content Banners



Phase #3


Create a Custom Post ... or have us create your first one for you

Deploy your first Custom Post - (Link, Text, Image or Video)



Phase #4

Review Tutorial - Queue


Schedule one or more posts ahead for a specific day and time

Use and understand the "Queue" function

Use and understand the "Calendar View" function



Phase #5


Begin to create a daily, weekly or monthly Social Media Management Calendar

Consider the following components *

    • Frequency of your posts (daily, weekly, monthly)

    • Which accounts to post to and how often 

    • Type of post (currated content, positive quote, video, your product or service)


* Video: "Best Practices" >> LinkedIn  (14 min.)    Twitter  (20 min.)    Facebook  (26 min.) <<



Phase #6

Tutorial - Analytics Report - (9 min.)


Begin to think about the kinds of Metrics or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) you would like to track for your social media accounts.


These may include:

    • Daily Likes

    • Daily Page Activity

    • Daily Post Feedback

    • Likes by Age and Gender

    • Likes by Region

    • Individual Post Metrics


Create a simple Analytics Report ... or have us create your first one for you.



Phase #7  (optional)

Tutorial - Monitoring Connections - (4 min.)


For business owners, connect your account to Yelp, Foursquare, Google My Business, or to your business Facebook page -- so that you can easily monitor your online reputation and manage user comments & reviews.