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For as little as $47 per month, learn how Royaltie`s Notification Network can benefit your business by allowing you to display your professional ads on the most popular websites and apps. Imagine your ad displaying next to an article on CNN, Fortune 500, Forbes or other popular websites as well as on someone`s Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter feed. 
The Royaltie Gem sends your ad to nearby phones and laptops  connected to WiFi within a 1 km -10 km radius of your cell phone. You choose the distance! ... Or, if you'd like, you can choose a Spot ANYWHERE On The Planet  just by placing your pin on the map!

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Our suite of products includes Virtual Gems & two Guest Wi-Fi devices. Included with every purchase is unlimited access to the Royaltie App, where you can create your ads, landing pages & keep you and your team organized anywhere, any time. Guaranteed results, easy setup, & low monthly fees.​​​​​​

Check "Yes" on becoming an affiliate when you complete your order so you can earn powerful, residual income easily while sharing your excitement about this new technology your business is now using. There is no additional cost to become an Affiliate partner. You get all the benefits and earning potential simply by being a Royaltie customer!

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