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North Carolina Nonprofits 501(c)3


Are you a local Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization in the Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Burlington, or High Point area of North Carolina? You may qualify for our monthly "Basic Plan" for FREE!


The Free Basic Plan includes:


Dedicated Social Expert

Free Social Media Audit

Engaging Social Media Posts

Social Analytics

Branded Content


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Links & Resources


National Council of Nonprofits

Nonprofit Resources and Research (Greensboro  Public Library)

Society for Nonprofits

36 Free Nonprofit Resources to Bookmark




Nonprofit Social Media Checklist!

Is your content relevant to your audience?


Is your post, tweet or photo meant to elicit engagement? -- likes, shares, comments?
Do you have social share buttons on your website, blog posts and thank pages?
Do you consistantly demonstrate the impact of your work across social media channels?
Do you have links to your social media accounts on all marketing materials?
Are you following the 80/20 rule -- 80% of content providing value, 20% about you?
Do you understand the unique soical culture of each network?
Are you listening and responding to comments and questions?
Do you post to one social network at least once per day?
Are you posting at the ideal time for you audience? 
Are you posting a good mix of links, photos, videos and text?
Do you share content of others frequently and give them credit?
Do you thank your community members when they share, like and retweet?
Are you strategically posting to become the "go to" resource in your cause area?
Are you constantly thinking for ways to connect your stakeholders online?
Do you often share resources, articles and blog posts that are helpful?
Do you create your own eye-catching graphics using Canva or PicMonkey?
Are you collecting and sharing success stories and testimonials?
Do your supporters know you are active on social networks? Have you told them?
Do you engage Online Social Media Influencers to spread the word about your cause?



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