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Promote Your Brand - Video Special!

This service is included in the "Standard Plan" and "Premier Plan"


Standard Plan:  1-Video, Maximum Length 1:20 Seconds

Premier Plan:  2-Videos, Maximum Length 1:20 Seconds




Flash Sale! (ends June 30th!)

1-Video, Maximum Length 1:20 Seconds

Only $99.00 ($49 Setup Fee Waive!)







Real Estate Agent (Example)

Promotional Video (30 seconds)


Gerald Hutchinson - Business Coach (Greensboro, NC)

Promotional Video (1:30 seconds)


Christ Lutheran Church (Greensboro, NC)

Upcoming Event (1:20 seconds)


"Learn Why Your Business Can't Ingnore Social Media"

Branded Social Media Post (1:30 seconds)


Social Net Advantage (Greensboro, NC)

Promotional Video (1:20 seconds)



"Here Are Five Tips for Improving Your Marketing Strategies in 2020"

Repurposed Blog Content (2 minutes)



How to make a 30-second explainer video ... the right way!

Explainer Video (30 seconds)



5 Steps for Creating Your Elevator Script

Repurposed Blog Content (2 minutes)



Law Firm (Example)

Promotional Video (30 seconds)


DEED Health & Specialty (Archdale, NC)

Promotional Video (1:20 seconds)



Social Media Recommeded Formats and Lengths


Instagram Feed - 60 seconds maximum

Twitter - 30 seconds (recommended), 1 minute & 40 seconds maximum

Facebook Feed - 1 minute & 20 seconds (recommended), 2 minutes maximum 

LinkedIn - 2 minute (recommended)


Each video project begins with a written script.  When planning your project, think in terms of 5-seconds per screen clip.  These clips can be shorter or longer depending on how comfortable a viewer can read the text before moving on to the next screen, and/or the length of the visual effect.


1) Decide what aspect of your business you would like to promote

2) Creat a short 30 second written "Elevator Speech" as a guide

3) Divide your script into short sentences, phrases or key words - See    Video Script Example  


Once your script is approved, we take your script and do our very best to match video content that conveys your message.  You can also send us stock images, short video clips,  and branded photos you have for specific screen clips.  We charge an initial setup fee of $49.


We work with you and make revisions until you are satisfied.  Once you accept the final project, full payment is due.  We then finalize your customized video into an MP4 format. Once we receive payment for your video project, we delivery your video electronically via email.  Your video can now be deployed and easily uploaded onto social media platforms.


If you are currently using Social Net Advantage, you can schedule your video content directly to your social connections in your back office.  You can also manually upload your video on YouTube to further engage your online audience.


If you are interested in our services, please contact us below.  We would very much like to get to know you and your brand.  We are eager to help you on your new project. 





   30 seconds


  1:00 minute


 1:30 seconds


2:00 minutes


Setup Fee Per Video




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